Stevie is an all black, male teacup pig. He is neutered and is almost 9 months old. He currently weighs about 12 pounds. His dad is 12 pounds full grown and his mom is 22 so he will likely be somewhere between those two weights. We got him from a teacup farm in Georgia, but have since found out that we do not have the necessarytime to raise him. We are college students with jobs and are living in a small apartment in Sacramento. He wants social interaction with more people and a yard to play in. With this price, we would include Stevie, his kennel, a traveling carrier, some blankets, a 20 pound bag of mini pig feed, water/food dishes, a 50 count package of potty pads, a potty pad holder, a little bath tub, a harness, and a leash. We paid over 3 times this amount for him, but we really want him to be happy. In the picture, he is the one with an 8 on his back. He needs to be adopted right away!! Call or text (208)520-